The framework dramatically enhances the productivity of development teams by providing an open XML-based message definition and code generation facility. The transparency of XML message definitions allows all participants - technical and business - to participate in a development effort. A well-defined XML-Schema is provided to aid the development team in the construction of message definitions.

Since code is automatically generated from the XML message definitions, all team members are guaranteed to have a package of type-safe message classs. Any changes to the XML message definitions can be easily propagated throughout the application by simply re-running the code-generator.

A field within a message can be any valid Java (C#) primitive data type. In addition, the framework supports collections (arrays and hashtables), and nested messages. A nested message can be any other valid message. Field level constrains are also supported. Currently, the framework allows min/max and enumeration constraints to be set of fields.

The framework provides a number of converters in order to marshall/unmarshall to/from other message representations. Currently, the framework provides converters for TIBCO/RV , XML, and JMS .

For more information on getting started with the framework see the Getting Started guide. For more details on the framework see the whitepaper .

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The Big Picture

The intent of MessageForge is to make development of applications based on message-oriented middleware easy, transparent, and type-safe.


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